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October 02, 2023

Tips On Home Security Landscaping To Shield Your Home

Landscaping is known to add appeal, function, and value to properties. But it will also play a part in your home’s security. Look over these home security landscaping tips and discover how to improve your home’s defense.

No. 1: Maintain Your Property

What impression does your yard convey? A well-tended landscape with a neat lawn, pruned shrubs, and a lovely garden lets others know you’re attentive to your property. On the other hand, neglected grass and weeds indicate you’re careless about your yard and might not put an emphasis on your property’s security either. Don’t convey the wrong image and make your house more susceptible to burglary.

No. 2: Illuminate Your Landscape

Darkness is preferred by prowlers as they wish to stay hidden. Don’t give it to them. Alternatively, incorporate several lights throughout your property. You no doubt already use a porch light, but you should include motion-activated lights in strategic places like your back door or close to your garage. Install solar lights next to a garden path and accent lights in front of retaining walls or trees. By doing so, you can cast light on potential hiding spots while bringing a unique element to your landscape. You might even set up inside smart lights to switch on when activity is discovered outdoors.

No. 3: Keep A Clear Sightline

You need to be able to view all aspects of your landscape from inside. Keep shrubs and bushes lower than three feet so you don’t obstruct your sightline. If you’re getting new plants at a nursery, read the label to have a better idea of how big they may become. Generally, it’s best to stay away from hedges and more sizable vegetation, especially near entryways like garages.

No. 4: Keep A Close Watch With Surveillance Systems

Outdoor cameras are one of the best crime deterrents. Simply having them in plain view is enough to turn away the bulk of prospective trespassers. With that in mind, keep your video surveillance equipment easily seen but high enough off the ground so it can't be disturbed easily. When you're at work on on vacation, you can inspect live video clips through your handy cell phone security app. As an added safety measure, notifications can be dispatched straight to your phone if your devices discover suspect activity.

No. 5: Defensive Flora Works As Home Security Landscaping

Not many prowlers will try to climb through a prickly plant to get to your first-floor window. You’ll need to select plants suitable for your area, but you can go with gooseberry bushes, holly, dwarf bougainvillea, and rose bushes as defensive greenery. Just keep in mind, they must be less than three feet tall if situated outside of windows, and if there are little ones in your home, they may not be the best solution.

Support Your Secure Landscape With A Home Security System In

An innovative home defense system from Secure24 Alarm Systems is the right complement to your home security landscaping. Our full-featured packages offer powerful tools like video surveillance, automation, and voice control. Not to mention, our sign will look fantastic in your carefully groomed yard. Place a call to 833-319-7449 today and personalize a system to your home’s unique needs.