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Home Security Monitoring By ADT Means 24/7 Protection

While your burglar alarm system can warn family of an emergency when everyone’s home, it’s the power of ADT monitoring that gives the real power to your home security system. When a sensor triggers, a live individual will implement your unique emergency plan to double-check you're safe and contact the proper emergency personnel. This transpires day or night, 24/7. So you can be assured that someone is surveilling your home -- even when you are away.

How ADT Monitoring In Works

Imagine ADT monitoring in as a gigantic watchdog for your house, constantly primed to leap into action when required. Whenever a window sensor is triggered -- a busted window, an unexpected motion picked up by a door sensor, or a possible fire -- a live person will quickly call to ensure you are secure and contact the proper authorities based on your custom-built emergency arrangement. Minutes matter in a crisis, and the rapid response of ADT monitoring can be critical for your home and loved ones.

ADT Monitoring Backs All Your Home Security Equipment

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Home Security System: If a door, window or motion sensor is set off, an ADT home security expert swiftly determines the issue and reaches out to you to determine you're safe. Then they call the needed emergency professionals based on your custom-built security plan.

Fire, Flood, and CO Detectors: Yourfire detectors can pick up both smoke and air temperature. When an abrupt rise in heat or excessive smoke triggers the alarm, an ADT monitoring expert can help you move to a secure area. They will also inform the fire department for you. And because your fire, CO, and flood detectors are hooked up to ADT monitoring, your dwelling is helped secured -- even when you're not home to overhear the alarms.

Home Health Emergency Response: If you or a family member experiences a health emergency, like a fall or shortness of breath, you might need help. Push a personal rescue button on your digital keypad or necklace to contact an ADT monitoring location. A pro will call emergency personnel and other people on your customized security strategy. They will also stay in communication until help gets to you.

Two-Way Voice Communications: Two-way voice connects your residence to ADT monitoring using the wireless control panel. The hands-free receiver can sense your voice approximately 75 ft. away, so you can ask for help even if you can’t find the control panel.

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ADT Monitoring Is A Household Name In The Security Business

With over 140 years of knowledge, ADT has become one of the top names in home security monitoring. ADT has a network of redundant stations, which means monitoring immediately transfers to another ADT center when one is disabled because of a power outage or natural disaster. This means your home won’t go without the comfort of a live specialist backing up your personal alarms.

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